Could your energy out last the energizer bunny? 

Do you think you could double as a circus performer or actress on broadway?

Do your students LOVE Spanish class because you're such an awesome, fun, engaging teacher? Maybe even a little bit "loco"? :) 

Do parents sing your praises daily?

If the above sounds like you and you think teaching kids Spanish online from the comfort of your own home sounds like the best job ever, I'd love to talk to you!

I'm Sarah, the owner of Sarah's Spanish School, and I'm looking to hire two EDUTAINERS to join me in teaching our students online.

First of all, what is a Sarah's Spanish School "Edutainer"?

That is what Sarah's Spanish School calls our online teachers. 

Part educator, part entertainer
A great teacher and a hilarious comedian.
An inspiring leader and an engaging performer.
Our classroom is our stage and our students are our audience.

At Sarah's Spanish School Online, the #1 most important thing is that our students are having FUN

The second most important thing is that they're aquiring Spanish :P 
(we make that happen subconsciously!)


  • Certified elementary teacher (or someone with lots of experience!)
  • ​Trained in and have experience using CI, TPR, and TPRS techniques
  • ​High energy, engaging, brave, excited, confident, inspiring, motivational... 
  • ​Smiles, laughs, is humorous and fun
  • ​Reliable technology
  • ​Dedicated teaching area (at-home classroom or something similar) 
  • ​At least available in afternoons (after 2pm CST), preferably more availability as well 

What makes this job awesome:

  • You get to be a part of the fastest growing elementary Spanish enrichment company, helping thousands of kids acquire Spanish every year
  • The way we teach is FUN and highly effective for our students - we tell stories, play games, cook recipes, do arts and crafts... all in Spanish!
  • ​Our super cool "themed weeks" allow for lots of creativity in lesson planning (and we plan together, so you'll have lots of support there!)
  • You'll get to work alongside (virtually) an amazing team including our other online teachers, our stellar staff, and Sarah herself
  • ​Consistent schedule teaching 2-5 Spanish classes per week (to start, potential for more in future) via Zoom

We are positive that this position is going to get a lot of applicants, so be sure to stand out when you apply! We're looking for the best of the best and hope the teacher hired will be a part of our team for many years to come!

Trusted By Elementary Schools Nationwide

Great Experience
Very Rewarding
Easy to Get Started
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